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What does ZLUR FUNDING do?

Zlur Funding believes that your business should have ready access to working capital, just like big corporations do. We are direct funders that help small and mid-sized businesses and are happy to work with people who may not have a perfect credit score.

Many small businesses can’t afford to wait weeks for a bank business loan to be approved. And the long processing time isn’t the only problem. Many banks require a significant amount of documentation as well as an excellent credit score (personal and/or business), and smaller businesses struggle to meet these requirements. In comparison, ZLUR Funding works quickly and efficiently, walking you through the entire process and keeping you informed every step of the way - truly becoming a partner in your success.

Co Workers

Our Vision & Our Mission

To make working capital equally accessible to any one chasing their business dreams.



ZLUR's objective is to help small to mid-size businesses get access to working capital quickly and efficiently. Simply put, we level the playing field when it comes to business funding. We partner with our customers long-term to help them to continually grow their business, and our customer-centric services reflect that goal.



To become a partner in our customers’ success through educating, encouraging and mentoring small businesses, and assisting them in accessing working capital.
Our processes are designed to be efficient, simple, fair and above all FAST. Our team of funding specialists pride themselves on being able to find a solution for your business funding needs.

Our Values & Our Culture

Our success is based on our ability to help you grow! Small business owners are a major force in the U.S. economy – they create jobs, spark innovation and grow communities. But unfortunately, small business owners often struggle to access working capital.

We’re working to change that, by finding more accessible options for business funding, by helping people explore alternative business funding options – opening possibilities and educating them on the opportunities that are available to them.


  • Accessibility

  • Efficiency

  • Transparency​

  • Advocacy

  • Responsibility


  • Results

  • Accountability

  • Clients’ Success

  • Take Risks

  • Fun

Hassle-free funding starts today!

The bottom line is this: We believe that small and mid-sized businesses are critical to the well-being of their communities and the financial strength of our nation. We look forward to talking to you about your business, and helping you acquire the working capital it needs to succeed.



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